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No stretching, no squeezing, no counting backwards from a hundred while the nurse swabs your dick with iodine. Just pop a magic pill and watch as your little sprout grows into a beanstalk.

Oh, that it could be so! Unfortunately it can't. Penis enlargement pills don't confer any permanent gains on your penis. That doesn't mean they don't have a positive effect. To be sure, there's a lot of sugar pills being Fed-Exed to hopeful dupes the world over, but a lot of pills on the market do actually - at least temporarily - make the penis larger. Something you may want to think about for your date with Suzie from the typing pool.

How Do Penis Pills And Patches Work?

There are two principle mechanisms, vasodilation and hormone stimulation. Some pills invoke one or the other. Some invoke both. Vasodilators work to (temporarily) expand blood vessels in the penis. This allows more blood to flow in and out giving your penis a fuller look. Hormone stimulators boost the body's production of androgens such as testosterone. This in turn increases sex drive and can induce harder and, perhaps, longer erections.

Quite a few men use penis pills or patches in conjunction with jelqing programs or extenders; the theory being that the increased blood flow leads to better delivery of oxygen, which in turn allows for the faster healing of stressed tissues. I can't vouch for this effect but I suppose it can't hurt.

Which Is Better? Pills Or Patches?

In terms of the medication delivered they're the same. They're just different delivery systems. Pills tend to release a large amount of medication for a short period of time, but because they have to be broken down by the digestive system it takes a hour of so before they become fully effective. Patches, on the other hand, promise almost immediate delivery, but their effect is intended to last a longer period of time at a lower level of intensity. Caveat emptor.

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