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Extender Diary

Like most men, I wouldn't mind an extra inch or so of penis length, so when I was asked to try out the ProExtender enlargement system, I said "yes." The only catch? I have to update this diary every week so you can review my progress. How much can an extender enlarge my penis? Stay tuned, I'm about to find out!

The extender I'm using is a traction based system that is supposed to increase penis length and girth if worn regularly. I'll be updating this diary weekly to keep you informed of my progress, any problems I've discovered and what sort of changes in my penis size have occurred.

Week 1 (April 4th) - The Journey Begins

The ProExtender arrived today in a dinky little cardboard box. Considering it costs a couple of hundred bucks or so, I was a bit disappointed with the packaging which looked kind of cheap. Supplied in the box are the extender, additional extender rods and an instruction book. The instruction book is tiny and only consists of a few pages. The extender itself seems like a fairly heavy-duty device. Looking at pictures of it on the web, I thought it would be smaller and lighter. It's actually quite heavy and solid. It certainly doesn't look or feel cheap, in fact, it feels quite substantial and appears to be very well engineered. You certainly don't need to be concerned about breaking it.

Components of the Extender
(1) Ring which sits around the base of the penis.(5) Spring loaded extender rods
(2) Recession for urethra(6) Plastic support for head of penis
(3) & (4) Thumbscrews for fine adjustment(7) Silicone tie for securing head of penis

The extender requires a bit of assembly but it's fairly straightforward. You basically need to set the initial length by screwing in, or removing, the extender rods so the length matches your flaccid penis. The extender rods are spring loaded so you insert your penis, tie down the glans (head) with the silicone cord and then release the spring loaded rods. The rods spring out and your penis is stretched. You can control how much it is stretched by adding or removing the extender rods. You can also fine tune it by turning adjustment thumbscrews on the rods. The extender has markings on the rods to indicate what sort of stretching pressure is being applied to the penis. The manual recommends starting off with a fairly low stretching force and working up to greater force over time.

It takes a bit of time to get the extender on for the first couple of times. It's a bit fiddly but you quickly get used to it. I'd recommend that you consider trimming your pubic hair before wearing the extender. The thumbscrews and spring loaded rods may catch your pubic hair (ouch!). You also need to be careful with the silicone tubing that secures the glans to the end of the extender. Adjust these very slowly otherwise you may pinch the glans of the penis which can be quite painful (as I discovered!).

You need to make sure that it's comfortable. It's possible to adjust the silicone tubing too tight which can constrict blood flow to the head of your penis. It pays to monitor the penis carefully the first couple of times the device is used. Once you get used to putting it on and adjusting it correctly, you won't need to check it so closely.

Once you've got the extender on, it's surprisingly comfortable. I thought it would be quite awkward to wear given its size but it actually fits quite well. It's also quite discreet and I could definitely get away with wearing it under my clothes, although maybe not with pants that are too tight! You have to either wear it with the penis pointing down, or pointing up. You can't wear it with the penis lying sideways. This sounds like an inconvenience but you quickly get used to it. It's very cleverly designed to fit well around the penis and I think once I become used to it, I could wear it for quite long periods.

I'm going to aim for three hours a day. I'll let you know how I go next week!

[view weekly measurements]

Week 2 (April 11th) - Getting Used To The Stretching

Well, unfortunately my first week of wearing the extender has not been as comfortable or easy as I thought it would be. I managed to wear it on average for around 3 hours a day. This is pretty much what I was hoping to achieve although the manual suggests a “breaking in” period, for the first week or two, of 4-6 hours per day.

After three hours the extender became quite uncomfortable. The flesh around the head of my penis is quite tender and the silicone tie seemed to “squelch” it up and pinch it. After three hours it was verging on painful although after removing the extender my knob quickly recovered and there were no signs of permanent damage. After two days of this awkward discomfort, I decided to try the protective sponge padding that's supplied with the extender. The padding sits between the silicone tie and the penis and made quite a difference. It removes much of the discomfort and makes the extender much more comfortable. The manual suggests that the “padding may be required by some men” but I would suggest that everyone should use it to avoid any possible painful pinching of the skin around the glans (penis head).

Even with the band on, discomfort still became apparent after three hours. But rather than pain related to pinched skin, it seemed to be just general mild soreness from the stretching. The other factor that contributes to my discomfort is probably the slippage of my penis in the extender. Whilst I'm initially able to position my penis quite comfortably in the extender, after a couple of hours it seems to slip somewhat through the tie, which can result in more squelching and pinching of my glans. I experimented with tightening the tie around my penis to hold it more firmly but this seemed to have little effect (tightening it too much can result in no blood-flow to the head of the penis – be careful!) on the movement of the penis. I think perhaps the only solution is to remove and reattach the extender every couple of hours so that the penis is always in the best, most comfortable position.

I've been a little confused by the pressure (tension) markings on the extender. According to the markings, I've been applying about 300g of stretching pressure, which isn't very much at all (it goes up to 1200g). But even with this low pressure, my flaccid penis in the extender is stretched to over 6.5 inches! My stretched flaccid penis is now bigger than my erect penis! The manual recommends increasing the tension in the second week which would mean adding the last of the extender rods. I'm not sure I'm ready for this, given that I'm already having problems keeping the extender on comfortably for more than three hours. I think I'm going to continue this week with the lower 300g setting until my dick gets used to the stretching treatment. Then, hopefully, I'll be able to wear the extender for longer periods, with greater tension, without discomfort. It seems to be that the longer you can wear it, the quicker that size increases will become apparent. Speaking of size increases, there doesn't seem to be any real change in the measurements after my first week. The flaccid measurement has changed but my flaccid size seems to vary a lot anyway so I don't think there's anything noteworthy to talk about on the measurement side. The manual says that results can take a month or so to appear so I guess there's not much point being impatient.

[view weekly measurements]

Week 3 (April 18th) - A Funny Shade Of Purple

The second week of using the extender has been a lot easier than the first. I was able to wear it for an average of nearly 5 hours a day. I still can't wear it for longer than 2-3 hours at a time unfortunately, as it just becomes too uncomfortable. The skin around my glans seems to get stretched and bunched-up around the silicone restraining tie. As well as the discomfort I'm also a little concerned about the head of my penis which turns a funny shade of dark purple after wearing the device for a couple of hours. I get a bit worried about this change in color and I think it may have something to do with a constricted blood supply. Anyway, a 10-15 minute break after two hours or so seems to let my penis recover sufficiently for another two hour stint in the device. There don't seem to be any lingering effects from the change in color or wearing the device generally but after 5 hours, my dick was getting a bit stressed generally.

One of the most interesting aspects of using the extender has been my wife's reaction to it. She has become obsessed with it! She likes to look at my cock when it's in the extender and she's constantly asking if I'm wearing it, “is the worm in its cage?” She says it's a turn-on and finds it, in her own words, “very weird but sexy”. I suppose it is sort of fetishistic and a little kinky to have your knob strapped into a medieval looking stretching device! It may not have enlarged my dick yet but it certainly seems to have been having some kind of effect on my wife as we've been having lots of sex!

There's been a slight gain in the length of my erect penis although the girth seems to have decreased somewhat which surprised me a little. I wish I had taken more care when I did the initial measurements two weeks ago so I could get a more accurate comparison. The girth may be a little less because of all the stretching. I hope I don't end with a very long but very thin cock! Hopefully the girth will start filling out as well.

Although there doesn't seem to be much change in the erect size, the flaccid size is definitely bigger. It feels and looks heavier and longer, and the measurements confirm this. My flaccid size has never been very big so it's nice to see some real increase in this area. OK, onwards and upwards! See you next week.

[view weekly measurements]

Week 4 (April 25th) - Accident Worries

I've only managed to use the extender about 4 hours per day this week due to a number of travel commitments. This can be tricky sometimes. While you can wear the extender under your clothes, you can't move about as freely as you can normally. Crouching down or bending over are two things I try to avoid if possible as it‘ll usually make the device shift around. I also worry about having an accident and getting taken to hospital. “Oh my god, Doctor, what's that thing on his penis?” Get back nurse, it might explode!” A kind of variation on the old “wear clean underpants” argument that everyone's mom always used to nag them about. Seriously though, it could be embarrassing so I try to avoid going out in it. The manual also warns about wearing the device while intoxicated. Sounds like good advice to me, falling over with it on wouldn't be much fun and could, I would guess, result in serious injury.

On the size front, it does seem to be having some effect on my erect size at last. Whilst the results on my flaccid size continue to be quite significant, the changes to erect size are much more modest. In fact, erect size seems to increase very, very slowly. I was initially concerned that I may have been less than accurate in my measuring, resulting in bogus increases but I'm now convinced that there has been a definite, albeit small, size increase. By my reckoning it'll take three months at least to see an increase of one inch in erect size. Actually, I guess that's not really that long a time at all. It just seems a long time when you have to wear the device for long periods each day. I've been considering sleeping with it on but it's not really comfortable enough to allow that. I'm also a bit worried about blood circulation which seems to get restricted after a couple of hours. I usually rest my knob every two hours or so to allow it to recover but I wouldn't be able to do this if I'm sleeping.

I've been wondering about whether I'm applying enough stretching tension. There aren't any detailed instructions regarding this so I've been applying about 600 grams (about one pound-and-a quarter) of tension. This is about half-way on the indicator scale. To increase the tension, I'll need to add in the last set of extender rods. This concerns me a little as it'll mean getting used to increased stretching and greater discomfort. I don't know that I'm ready for this so I might leave it till next week. See you then!

[view weekly measurements]

Week 5 (May 2nd) - Pubic Haircut Woes

I've still only been averaging around 4 hours per day wearing the extender. I think this sounds like a fair chunk of time but I've been reading on the net about guys that wear these things for 12 hours or more a day. I suppose it's possible but it seems to me that this would somewhat limit the activities you could perform during the day. I guess it really depends on how committed you are and whether you have a life away from wearing the dick extender!

There's an important bit of advice I wanted to pass on to anyone considering using one of these devices. Trim your pubic hair. Otherwise you'll find it gets caught in the adjustment screws and is a real pain (in the testes). Use a proper hair trimmer or beard trimmer. I used ordinary scissors and ended up nicking my nut sac. Nothing serious but it was very painful so make sure you get the right equipment so you don't end up with a lacerated scrotum.

I'm getting a bit frustrated with the rate of change of my size. My erect size has only increased a third of an inch in the month I've been wearing the device. I think I need to do two things - increase the stretching tension and wear the device for longer periods each day. I'm going to add in the last two extender adjustment rods from tomorrow which should help. This will increase the tension a lot so will probably be quite uncomfortable for a while but, hopefully, it should help get things "moving" a little bit more quickly.

Although my erect size is only a fraction of an inch bigger, my flaccid size seems to have enlarged quite dramatically. Last week I was worried about getting a noodle dick - all length and no width - but my girth seems to be filling out now as well which is reassuring. I'm going to sign-off now, I'll let you know how the increased stretching tension goes next week.

[view weekly measurements]

Week 6 (May 9th) - Maximum Stretching

I fitted the last of the extender adjustment rods last week and I've been wearing the extender in full stretching mode for the last seven days. I have to say that it's really quite uncomfortable. Before, the stretching was quite mild. I was using around 300-600g of tension according to the indicators on the extender. But since adding the last of the extender adjustment rods, I'm now applying 900-1200g of stretching tension to my dick. This is serious tension and my dick is being stretched to nearly 7 inches long.

With the increased tension, I've found that I have to take off the extender every two hours, or less, to rest my knob. Taking a break is a good idea as my penis starts to slip back in the extender after a while and needs to be re-seated anyway. You also need to be careful when putting the extender on. It's quite easy to get your skin folded over, or under, the silicone tie which can be painful. I've only managed to wear it for 4 hours a day this last week. I don't think I'm going to be able to wear it for longer periods until my tool gets used to the increased tension.

Disappointingly, my penis is the same size as last week. I had hoped there might be a more dramatic change with the increased tension. It seems like it's all pain with no gain at the moment! I'll keep up the treatment with the increased tension this week and hopefully, I'll see a tangible increase next week.

[view weekly measurements]

Week 7 (May 16th) - No Entry

Week 8 (May 23th) - Goodbye Extender

I'm sorry about not getting my diary entry to you last week. It's been a bit chaotic around here lately as we are moving house and I'm starting a new job. Unfortunately, this also means that this will be my last diary entry. I had originally hoped to rack up 5 months with the extender but this will no longer be possible. I'll try and summarize where I'm at in this last column.

The good news is I've been wearing the extender with the maximum amount of tension applied for the last couple of weeks. However, I've only been able to average a couple of hours a day however which is a little disappointing. It didn't take long to get used to the increased tension although I'd still recommend only two hours at a time wearing it so that your cock has time to recover.

I mentioned in my first entry that I thought that the extender was maybe not packaged up too well when it arrived. I've since found out that I was shipped was the bare-bones device only kit. I've since received the deluxe kit which contains quite a bit more stuff. Firstly, it's got a proper solid wooden box to store the bits and pieces in. Secondly, it has extra extender rods and an extra silicone tie. This is handy as the silicone tie does need to be replaced occasionally as it tends to stretch and no longer locks into the anchors on the device. The extra extender rods are also useful as you will need to accomodate a longer penis once the device starts doing its job.

I don't seem to have increased much over the last two weeks. Then again I haven't been wearing the extender much over the last couple of weeks which probably doesn't help. My flaccid size seems to have plateaued and no longer seems to be dramatically increasing. My erect size seems to be growing but it's slow. I think I'd need to wear the device for another 3 to 4 months to add a half-inch and reach the seven inches erect size I was aiming for. It's been an interesting exercise for me and I'm happy with my increased flaccid size and the small increase in my erect size. I hope you've found my diary interesting.

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